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The Myth of Deregulation

I’ve heard it many times, and once again we are about to enter something completely misunderstood. Some fear it, it some cheer it. Strangely it seems no one gets it: the myth of deregulation. The idea of deregulation is simple.

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Shemot: Knowing

  The Torah portion of the week, has some verses I’m sure that will be the timely topic  of many a d’var torah: פ A new king arose over Egypt, who did not know Joseph(Exodus 1:8) I want to look

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For Those Who Mourn the Election: Make God Great Again

Our soon to be vice president, Mike Pence is a Creationist, yet he hates the book of Genesis. His interpretation of Genesis compared to mine, and I believe many of us who mourn this week puts him against the Word

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Why I Answer Forty Two to Every Number Quiz I Get.

Monday I got a curious apology in my inbox. I don’t think the apology is necessary. I do I think the authors solution misses something. LinkedIn Expert Wayne Breitbarth had posted an apology to his e-mail list about his last

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The Flappy Bird Dare: A Tutorial on SpriteKit and Programming for iPhone

I stuck my foot in my mouth. I’m now chewing vigorously and that is why you are reading this. For those who never heard of Flappy Bird, it was the game sensation nobody expected. It was a game that was

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Thoughts about the future of Apple and the iPhone.

Yesterday, through videos of the Apple’s World Wide Developer’s conference, I thought a lot about Apple and its future. I think they made some very good moves yesterday. Some people are very passionate about their operating system, and the debate

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What Comes Next?

For seven years, I did my best to write a column in Shlomo’s Drash every week. For seven years, I pretty much succeeded. But my commentary fell of a lot after that first seven years. This August, it will be

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