Welcome to Shlomo’s New Drash!

I’m Shlomo, Also known as Steven Lipton. I’m a eclectic person, with interests in Art, Science, Software development and Jewish Text study. I have Master’s in Education from Loyola University Chicago, and A master’s in Jewish Studies from Spertus College in Chicago.

Shlomo’s Drash started as a weekly D’var torah column, but in the next few months I’m planning to make it a lot more than that. Stay tuned.

One comment on “Welcome!
  1. Amanda Torrey says:

    I feel like a thief in the night so my apologies. I’m developing a “Mystery School” — sort of. There are a group of 10 (non-jewish) people exploring Western alchemy. We’re disenchanted with prominent “occult” organizations so are going out on our own to seek “Truth.” I say this sheepishly mostly because I see Truth as almost a biological process so do not believe in metaphysics per se, but as an alignment between science and mystiicism. A friend of mine asked me how she could connect with mysticism and I suggested she study Kabbalah since she’s Jewish. I believe we should follow our blood lines. I deeply believe in the life imbued in the Hebrew alphabet and feel each letter holds a key of history that bridges today with ancient Sumer/Babylon. Thus the email tree of less than 10 people that I’ve hooked into inner.org – the teachings of Rabbi Ginsburg, a frighteningly strict orthodox Jewish mystic out of Israel. I’m beginning with the Jewish alphabet and am downloading your cards to add to my posts about based on inner.org. Just letting you know I’ve dropped by and appreciate your blog, especially as I’m attempting to get a sketchy look at the Jewish mindset to better understand how to approach this rich topic. please let me know if you feel mis-used and I will stop. Thank you for you for your blog. I went to Loyola in the 70s for a couple of years and finished my degree in 2009 in Religious studies at DePaul. No, I’m not Catholic, but they got the job done… 😀

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